The World Of Technology

A lot of people have phones, I mean, sure I don’t have a phone but I’m not exactly a normal teen. I read a lot in my spare time, I barely know anyone, teen or not, that would ever actually read for the fun of it. Okay, now I’m getting a little off topic, I do tend to do that some times. Oh, wow, that rainbow is so pretty… wait, no, back onto topic-books, NO, phones. Yeah, phones, sorry about that. Well, I know a lot of people my age, that have phones, and, like, a million social media accounts. I do not, however, know a lot people that would go out of their way outside of school to talk to their friends in person, the only times they talk face to face are at parties and at school. It is never anything like, “Oh, hey, you want to come over at my house today and hang out?” It is more like, “Oh, hey I’m going to be online at 5:oo today, try and come online too so that we can talk. ‘Kay?” I think that our generation is way too dependent, a little more dependent than we actually should be.

Yesterday, we watched a TEDtalk in class called “Sherry Turkle: Connected, But Alone” The video made me see how connected we actually are to our phones, how we feel as though we could not survive without them. I am not trying to be rude to anyone who is like this, but really, who feels as though their phone is their best friend? *a billion people raise their hands* Yeah, that was exactly what I was expecting. It is okay though, if your phone is your best friend, you are not alone, there are a lot of other people out there that feel the same way. I can bet that, sometimes, when you go to school in the morning, your friend comes up to you, like actually comes up to you, in person, and tells you about a totally awesome conversation he/she had last night with another one of their friends. I dare you, next time that happens, ask them if they talked in person, or texted each other for, like, three hours. I’m guessing that their answer will be the second one. We are way too dependent on technology, in the TEDtalk we watched, Sherry Turkle said, that before she went onto the stage, her daughter texted her for good luck. Sherry said that just seeing that text felt like a warm hug. Is it just me, or is that a little sad? We should not be so dependent on technology to make us feel good. I, personally, would have wanted a “good luck” in person, but hey, that’s just me.

Over and over I hear, “I would rather text than talk.” -Sherry Turkle

Wow! I thought I was the only one who ever heard that, but no, people everywhere notice this to. No offense to anyone who says this, but honestly, why would you rather text. When texting, we always write “lol”, but there is a difference in reading that text from your friend, and actually seeing them laugh. It actually feels nice to see your friend laugh. There were actually times when my friends and I were all sitting together, but none of us were talking, I had my book out, silently reading on my own (I bet that doesn’t surprise you), and the rest of my friends had their phones pulled out, and were on Facebook, or Snapchat. So basically we were all together, sitting in the same place, but not even looking at each other, or saying a word to one another. I had not noticed it at the time, but I see it now, and that is actually a little depressing. Our phones are changing us, there was a time that we would go to the park with our friends and play on the swings, but now we go to the park and complain about how we do not have access to the internet.

In the video, Sherry Turkle said something about how people wanted Siri to be like a best friend to them. When we go home after a long day of school, we want to talk to our parents about interesting stuff that happened that day, or maybe that we got into a fight with someone and the fight got a little bad, this does happen sometimes. We want to have someone to talk to when things get complicated, there are times that we are so desperate that we want technology to make us feel better. Just you wait, the day Siri becomes the best friend you have always wanted, she will be the only one that ever actually listens to you. We would be so out of it, that we would depend on a piece of metal to listen to us, and talk to us, and comfort us. That is actually really bad, we should have real people listening to our problems, not phones.

I’m telling you now, I only mentioned a few things,  you should really check out the video for yourself. Here, I saved you from actually having to search it up. Please do not throw my generous sacrifice back in my face, actually watch the video! It’s great!

Well,  you guys that is all for today.

Fly on,


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