Marital Relationships and Friendships In “Julius Caesar”

Last year, we had read one of Shakespeare’s famous plays, Julius Caesar, and I have to admit, I rather enjoyed it. One of the things that I found really significant in the novel were all the different types of relationships between all the different characters.

There are several relationships in “Julius Caesar”, and not all, but several of them are amazing, but the best, in my opinion, is Brutus and Portia’s. Relationships are something that should not be taken lightly, for they are very powerful and carry a great weight. Friendship is a very strong relationship, but there is a relationship that is stronger, still- the relationship between a husband and wife. Relationships are what will increase the good in a person, and decrease the bad. The closest people in one’s life are the ones who enjoy the other’s happiness, and feel the other’s pain. Bonds play an extremely large role in our lives. No relationship is ever weak, but there are some that are simply stronger than others, and have more of an effect on an individual’s life. In Brutus’s life, his two strongest relationships are that with his wife, Portia, his friendship with Cassius, but overall, I think his relationship with Portia is stronger.

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Brutus and Portia’s relationship play a big role in the play. In act II, scene I, while Brutus and Portia are having a very important discussion, one would have to be blind not to see the love they share. Even when they are having troubles, they still speak to one another with the utmost care and respect. Their voices are filled with such kindness and concern for the other. Portia especially. In that scene, Portia expresses her concern for her husband. She tells him that she trusts him, and that she wants him to know that he can trust her as well, “Within the bond of marriage, tell me Brutus,/ Is it expected that I should know no secrets/ That appertain to you? Am I yourself/ But, as it were, as in sort or limitation,/ To keep you at meals, comfort your bed,/ And talk to you sometimes” (II, i, 280-285). She tells him that she is not only there make his meals, but also to support, and help him. Brutus also loves her, emotionally and physically, and thinks of her as a wonderful wife, which he also expresses in the same scene, as he says, “You are my true, honourable wife.” (II, i, 288). In this scene he tells her that she is an amazing wife.

Friendship and political alliances are two very different things, and what Brutus has with Cassius is, in my eyes, a friendship. One could tell by how kind they are to each other. You can see that Cassius cares deeply about Brutus. Even when asking Brutus why he had been so distant, he uses such sweet words, “Brutus, I do observe you now of late;/ I have not from your eyes that gentleness/ And show of love as I wont to have;/ You bear too stubborn and too strange a hand/ Over your friend that loves you.” (I, ii, 32-36). In these lines, he actually tells Brutus that he is a friend of his who loves him dearly. Cassius also tries to be a mirror for Brutus, trying to tell Brutus to see the best in himself through him. As he says, “And since you know you cannot see yourself/ So well as by reflection, I, your glass,/ Will modestly discover to yourself/ Which you know not of.” (I, ii, 67-70). In this, Cassius tells Brutus that he will find things in him that Brutus did not even know of. Cassius knows that Brutus loves him, but he also knows that he cannot take all of Brutus’s love. As he says, “Fill, Lucius, till the wine o’erwell the cup;/ I cannot drink too much of Brutus’ love.” (IV, iii, 160-161). And you can also see that Brutus loves Cassius. Another example of their love is when they were about to go into battle, Brutus had a feeling that they would not see each other again, so he said his farewell at that moment. However, he did also say that if they were to meet again, it would be with kind, warm smiles. They would embrace each other. So it is clearly evident that Cassius holds a strong love for Brutus.

Brutus is a greatly loved character, who had strong relationships with many people. In my opinion, his two strongest bonds are with Portia and Cassius. With Portia, she expresses to him that she does, indeed love him. Infact, she loves him more than words, and to prove to her husband that he could trust her, she cuts herself. She physically showed him how much he means to her. As she pleads, “Giving myself a voluntary wound/ Here in the thigh: can I bear that with patience,/ And not my husband’s secrets?” (II, i, 300-303). Here she shows him that if she can bear the burden of an agonizing wound, she could also bear the burden of her husband’s secrets. Brutus responds to this by saying “Oh ye gods, render me worthy of this noble wife.” (II, i, 304-305).  He shows that he cares for her so much, that he does not think he deserves her, and it is that thought that proves that they have a strong relationship. She is very careful around him and she always worries about her husband’s well being. When she woke up at night and saw that Brutus was not there, she went up to him, worried, and asked him if he was well. With Cassius, he also has a very strong bond. When he and Cassius fight, you can tell that he regrets it, and wants to get rid of the arguments and disagreements, “Speak no more of her. Give me a bowl of wine./ In this I bury all unkindness, Cassius.” (IV, III, 158-159). He tells Cassius that as he wants to obliterate any rudeness they had towards each other. Also, in this same scene, while they were arguing, Cassius had held out his knife, wanting to die, since he had lost his friend/ally. Not to mention in act V, scene III, I think Cassius made the ultimate sacrifice. He had thought that Brutus had died, so he killed himself, not wanting to live any longer. But even with all of this, his relationship with Portia is still stronger, because she was not only his wife, but also a friend to him, far before Cassius and Brutus formed their friendship/political alliance.

To be friends is a beautiful thing and also very powerful, but nothing seems to compare to the marital relationship. Brutus and Cassius are great friends, but nothing even comes close to what Brutus had with Portia. Both Portia and Cassius had their own ways of showing their affections for Brutus, but overall, what Portia does for Brutus far outweighs anything anyone else could do for him, not because she does more, but because she is his wife. Also, when she killed herself, not that that is good, but she did it because her husband had left her on her own and she could not cope with it. Although the marital relationship is one very strong, one must never underestimate friendship.

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What’s Best For Me

To be honest, I’m not quite sure what I want to do when I get older, I don’t know what’s best for me. That being said, I am interested in animals. . . so maybe something related to that. I don’t really know what exactly, but perhaps something along the lines of a Zoologist. I’m actually really interested in what they do. Zoology is the branch of science that looks deeper into the animal kingdoms.

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Zoologists basically study wildlife and how they interact with their ecosystems. Not only that but they also study the impact humans have on wildlife. Some zoologists work at zoos, while others study the animals in their natural habitats.

To spread what they know, they often write reports and speak in front of groups of people, for example a class of students, clubs or anything of the sort. They make estimates about plants and wildlife population. One of the things I’m most interested in is that they run experiments with wildlife in natural or controlled environments. Also, they study characteristics of different species.

However, one thing that I’m not too fond of is dissections-which is one of the things that they do. I understand that the reason for dissections is to be get an animal under a microscope to examine it, but personally, I’d rather not.

Zoologists work in several different places, ranging from offices, to labs, to the outdoors, depending on their position. One negative thing though, is that those who work outdoors might have to travel to remote locations in order to study an animal in its natural habitat. Where they have to go can vary greatly, because they would have to work in both warm and cold climates. But in a way, that is also a benefit. Being able to travel to different places and experience new things.

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Several skills are required in this field, some of which I’ll mention now. Communication is a basic skill needed in almost every field. For Zoologists, on several occasions they give public speeches. So lacking communication skills could prove to be an issue.

Critical thinking is also a big one. Someone in this field would need to be able to analyze the data they have collected and be able to draw conclusions. They also have to be very observant. Small details are often overlooked, however, a zoologist needs to be able to notice little things that other might pass as “unimportant”. Such as changes in an animal’s behavior or appearance.

Problem solving. They need to be able to spot threats to animals, and come up with the best possible solution. There are several threats to wildlife-diseases, habitat loss, and one that may serve to be a huge problem: extinction (but that is a bit more related to climate change).

Despite all of this, there is one skill required that I had absolutely no knowledge of: emotional stamina and stability. At times, zoologist may have to work with very minimal human contact, and if they are unable to handle that, it may prove to be problem. Emotional stability is important because, on several occasions, they would be working with sick or injured animals.

In order to be employed as a zoologist, there are a few requirements. You need to have a bachelor’s degree and a master’s or doctoral degree in biology. The average national wage of a zoologist is about $62 712.

So, I guess it is safe to say that it would be an interesting career, but like all careers, it has its ups and downs. Overall, I think it would be pretty hard, but at the same time, it would be fun. Not only that, but it is also helpful to wildlife. They figure out problems and how to solve them. It may be a bit stressful at times, but it is definitely something that would be a job worthwhile.

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Through The Years

As you start going through the years of your life, you get introduced to several new things, one of which is social media. Facebook, to be more precise.

You walk through the halls to your classroom, you see everyone with a phone either in their pocket, or in their hand. Sometimes your little sibling might come up to you about some post they saw. One app almost everyone has on their phones is Facebook. But Facebook is actually just meant for teenagers. You have to be thirteen or older to make an account. But who actually follows that rule? Now you’ll see a little seven year old kid trying to add you.

Photo Credit: Visual Content Flickr via Compfight cc

Well, what if there was something for kids though? What if kids could have Facebook without breaking the age rule? Well, now they can- in the US, at least. On Monday, Facebook launched their latest big thing-Messenger Kids, an app made for children under the age of thirteen. They can use it to text, take pictures and video, add stickers and make little drawings on their phones.

This is Facebook’s very first app that is made specifically for children from ages six to twelve to use. The child only needs to write in their first name, so there is also no need to be concerned about too much information getting out. Messaging is something that is pretty harmless, unless bad people use it for bad things such as cyber bullying, threats, blackmail, and more. With the new Messenger Kids app, there will be little to no concern about this happening, as it will only be children using it.

There will also be no adds showing up at the sides. Also, the app gives parental control. If a parent decides that their child’s account ought to be deleted, they are fully capable of doing so, leaving no related data behind.

Personally, I feel as though this is actually something pretty neat. I never really thought that children would need to message anyone, so they shouldn’t even have social media at all. However, when you think about it, children are going to end up using it when they get older, so having some sort of safe social media account would that they could use at a young age would help them get started. They would begin to understand how it all works, so that when they use an app when they get older, they will already have some experience.

Also, this eliminated any need for children to make accounts when they shouldn’t be. Facebook is specifically made for people 13 or older, but still younger children can be found with accounts. Now there would be no need for this. Parents can monitor their child’s account, although they know it would be relatively safe.

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Facebook literally said that the reason they made this new app is to safeguard pre-teens that might have unauthorized accounts. The accounts will also not magically turn into Facebook accounts once they hit the age of thirteen.

But there is also no need for concern as no accounts can be made without parental permission. If young users are going to be making accounts despite whether or not they should, we may as well let them make accounts while ensuring their absolute safety. I’m definitely not saying that I support it wholeheartedly, however I am saying that maybe we should give it a try and let kids make accounts rather than restricting them, and having them go behind our backs.

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Skills Needed For a Job

When you reach a certain age, you begin to think, “Man, maybe I should get a job.” Well, that’s where I’m at right now. And honestly, I never realized it before, but there is a lot to think about. In my opinion, the biggest thing is employability skills. Employability skills are basically just skills one ought to have in order to be employed.

I’m not quite sure what I want to do, but I do want it to be something in law. However, being a 14 year old girl, I don’t think there’s much I can do right now. But at the moment, I think I want to work with little kids. More specifically, volunteering at a hospital to help with sick kids. I don’t really want to get a steady job yet, since I’m still in school, and that might interfere with my studies, so, for the time being, I want to volunteer.

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But what skills are needed to volunteer at a hospital to work with sick children? Or, what skills are needed to work at all? What are the skills that employers mostly look for? I think communication is a big one. When working with anyone, you have to have good communication skills and be able to hold a conversation. You have to be able to talk to someone without saying something that they might consider rude or disrespectful. However, if you don’t have good communications skills, that would really be a hassle, because with most jobs, speaking with others is something that will happen often

Another skill would be teamwork. There isn’t really much to say about this one, except that you should be able to work with people of all ages. If you are unable to work with the other employers, that could prove to be a problem. One should also be able to solve problems. With any job, problems will most likely arise, and when that happens, you should be able to deal with it. Whatever the issue may be, it is important. at times it may not seem like much, but if a problem isn’t dealt with, it will only escalate. Also, if you can’t think of a solution right away, you should be able to use logic to help yourself out.

Self-management is also a big one. when working you are trusted to be able to deal with yourself. You should be able to work independently, without someone having to check on you. If you need someone supervising you, then you clearly aren’t ready for a job.

Learning is one to be counted too. jobs are constantly changing and an employer wants someone who will be able to adapt to changes. And finally, listening. When you get a job, you will have specific instructions you will have to follow. Failure to follow the given instructions will result in you losing your job. So, end of the day, listen to your instructions.

Now, hard and soft skills are also important, in my opinion. So, what exactly are hard and soft skills? Well, hard skills are skills that are more specific and  are skills that can be taught to others. On the other hand, soft skills are more real, like getting along with others, and being able to communicate. Mostly a person’s relationship with other people. but I really don’t think that one is more important than the other. I feel as though when employing someone, they are looking for a balance between the hard and soft skills. Hard skills, may seem more important, but soft skills are also worth a lot.

So, clearly getting a job isn’t just “Oh hey, I’m gonna go get a job.” There’s actually a lot more to do. You have to think about many things such as what job you’re trying to get, what skills are needed for that job, and what skills you have. And, if you don’t have the necessary skills, than maybe the job you’re trying to get just isn’t for you. And if you ever face a problem like that, it may be a good idea to search other options. You also have to think about the top skills needed for any job. The ones I spoke about are, in my opinion, some of the most important.

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Can Virtual Reality Really Compare?

Virtual realty isn’t something that I’ve actually had the pleasure to try out… yet. Seriously though, I think Virtual Reality is something that would be quite amazing to check out. But can Virtual Reality replace Actual Reality? I’m not so sure.

Photo Credit: Pedro Buzo Flickr via Compfight cc

Sure Virtual Reality is totally awesome. You can see some amazing things without actually being there. You can swim with sharks in the great depths of an ocean, or you could watch an eagle up close as it pierces the air while it flies. Virtual Realities generate realistic sounds and images to appeal to the user. A person could look around their artificial world and see things they’ve never seen before. It creates a life-like experience. All you need to do is put on a headset (of sorts), slide in your phone, and you’re ready. You can actually be in your game fields, watch a movie with a perfect view, and you could train for real life situations. What’s not to love?

Photo Credit: wyliepoon Flickr via Compfight cc

Not too long ago, I found out that some schools are even using these Virtual Realities to go on “field trips”. Except the field trips aren’t things like skiing, or going to the museum. Not by a long shot. They’re more like, “oh hey, let’s go see the Great Wall of China!” Now those are the type of field trips I want to have. But then again, are you really going on a field trip at all? I mean, sure you’re going to see it, but it isn’t really happening. You aren’t really experiencing it. Everything you feel is happening, is not actually happening.

Personally, I don’t think Virtual Reality could  ever  replace Actual Reality. What would happen if everyone was so engrossed in their virtual world, they stop living in the real world?

I think it would be pretty upsetting to experience so much in your virtual world, only to come back to reality a few moments later knowing that none of it actually happened.

Despite all of this, I also think that Virtual Realities are a really great thing. Let’s say that someone has trouble speaking in front of large groups of people. They could practice speaking in a virtual world. It would reduce the stress, since the person would know it isn’t real, but at the same time they would be improving their speaking skills, because soon enough they’ll be so used to speaking in front of crowds, when they see the real thing, it wouldn’t be all that different.

Photo Credit: BillsExplorations Flickr via Compfight cc

It would also be useful if a person just wants a sort of  escape. Sometimes people just need some time to get away from the real world, they need a way to leave all their troubles of the world behind them. Just go ahead for a few moments and forget to look back. Just follow the path until you get so far ahead you can no longer see what you left behind. But the thing is, if they do go, would they ever come back? Would they ever actually want to return to the real world? With all the pleasures of the Virtual world, they wouldn’t really ever want to come back.

Personally, if I ever got to go into some sort of Virtual Reality, I doubt I would ever want to leave. I have always wondered what it would be like to live in a jungle, just imagine if I got the chance to. I’d probably forget what the real world is like. And that’s the problem.

So yeah, Virtual Realities have their pros and cons, but the question really is, do  you think they could ever replace the world we live in?

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The Residential Schools

I am positive that everyone reading this is well aware of everything that has happened with the residential schools. But really, have any of you done ever everything to show that you are not okay with it? I know that it isn’t going on anymore, but I think we need to realize that perhaps the scars may fade, but a person’s memory of those tragic times are eternal.

Residential schools are no little thing. Personally, I cannot imagine having to go through that. Having to leave my home and my family, no longer being allowed to practice my religion, being stripped of every reminder of where I come from. Having my hair cut because someone else doesn’t like it. Being abused both physically and mentally. Being treated like I’m nothing. Feeling inferior because I am different. Being looked down on. Would you want that? Would anyone want that?

The residential schools were designed to eradicate any sense of Indian-ness. They denied us the opportunity to learn about ourselves.

-Phil Fontaine

It is not okay to treat others badly because they don’t believe in what you do. Because they don’t look like you. Because they don’t act like you. It may be over now, but is it really? People still remember it, and to me, that feels like far from over. The residential schools were made to take away a person’s identity, to take away who that person is, and fill that hole with who they want them to be.

Photo Credit: floyd_wiebe Flickr via Compfight cc

To me, reconciliation means to restore our friendship. To show them that although we may have not gone through the same thing they have, we share their pain. We have to show them that we support them. All of us are equal. No matter where we come from, how we dress, what we believe in, our skin color. None of it matters, because, when you really think about it, we’re all humans.

We all know about the horrible past, so we can help change the future by showing support for those that have suffered. One of the easiest way is to wear an orange shirt on Orange Shirt Day. Orange Shirt Day may not seem all that important to you, but do you know the reason behind it? It is about a girl name Phyllis Webstad. When she was going to her residential school, her mother had bought her a beautiful , bright orange shirt for her first day. But what happened was that when she arrived, feeling incredibly proud of her wonderful shirt, her shirt was taken from her, and she never got to see it again. So we can support the Indigenous children by participating on every September 30th. We can show them that we know about it, and we want it to change.

Photo Credit: floyd_wiebe Flickr via Compfight cc

We can also help reconcile by learning the truth about what happened. A lot of us think that the residential schools are old news, but really, the last school to shut down was actually in 1996. Not all that long ago if you think about it. We also think that not too many kids had to go, but that is far from the truth. 150 000 children were taken from their homes and forced to attend the residential schools. And a lot of the poor children were treated horribly. They had been expecting a normal school, but instead got a place where they were rejected, forced to all act one way, abused when they did something wrong, locked in dark basements for entire nights. We would be crazy to think that the kids weren’t getting the slightest bit fed up by all of this. And some had even tried to run away, but didn’t get far. The schools were often built far away from the children’s homes.

It is beyond important that we all become aware of what happened, because, although many of us did not have anything to do with it, it still happened. We may not have anything to do with it, but seriously, we didn’t have anything to do with preventing it either. It happened because no one tried to stop it. Now you might be asking why the Indigenous people didn’t fight back. The answer’s simple, because they didn’t know. They had thought that their children were going to get a better education, and, as parents, they wanted what was best for their kids. So really, if you think none of this has anything to do with you, think again. We didn’t start it, but it’s not like we can say that we stopped it either. This is one of the biggest ways it had impacted me. When I was younger, I thought that they had nothing to do with me, since I wasn’t the reason for them, but, like I just said, I was wrong. I think that you should take your knowledge, then do some extra research. Compare what you know to what you don’t know. Then compare what you do know to the truth. How far off base are you?

Now imagine if we all did something to help the Indigenous community. To show that we support them. How different would everything be from how it is now?

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Take Action

In class, I was told to visit this one “Digital Bytes” website and in the beginning, I didn’t see why I needed to. I had thought it was going to be talking about a bunch of boring tech stuff. What I wasn’t expecting was to see something motivational. So of course, that was what I saw. Digital Bytes is all about how someone can influence the digital world that we all live in.

Let me tell you about what this website did to me. When I went onto the website, and scrolled down a bit and saw a question asking me what I felt like at the moment: a pioneer, a creator, a doer, or a thinker. Unsure of what to click, I did the whole “Eenie meenie miney mo” thing, and landed myself on doer, so that was what I clicked on. From there it gave me a few questions from which I was supposed to choose one. The questions were definitely not what I was expecting to see, but one question in particular really caught my eye: “Can one individual’s effort really make a difference?”

Photo Credit: garry21 Flickr via Compfight cc

When I read that, the first thing that came to my mind was “not really, no.” I was wrong. There was a short video attached that I watched, and seriously, that had to have been the most motivational two minutes if my life. Well, okay, maybe not literally but you know what I mean.

The video talked all about how there are several problems all over the world, but the reason no one is doing anything, is because they feel as though their actions will mean nothing.  Then the whole rest of the video was just motivating watchers to get up and do something. We should never feel like what we do won’t help anyone, when in reality, it could be our one action that causes someone to feel like they are being supported.

Photo Credit: takeactionapp Flickr via Compfight cc

In the end of the video, there were another three questions listed, I chose the question asking about which part of the video stuck to me the most most. This was my answer, “I think what really struck me the most is how they tell us that every persons effort can make a difference. It is true, so much horrible stuff is going on and no one does anything because they feel as though what they do will not change anything. But this video talks about how each person can have an impact. If there is an issue, just a single person showing their support can cause a chain reaction to occur. If someone is afraid, one person standing up to help them can inspire other people to do the same. One person can make a difference, but they just need to find it in themselves to stand up and take action.”

It’s nothing much, but it is something, because sometimes, what one person says, can be the cause of change.

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